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Commenting on this blog, Jack Sargeant (the Charles Manson of academia) says ‘ i like the mix of psychogeography and autobiography – will now feel like i am cyberstalking everytime i read it.’ (Bear in mind this was just a Facebook note – Jack’s many books feature all your favourite capital letters, correctly deployed.) It’s an interesting take, and one I’ll keep in my wampum bag. Perhaps this is a kind of consensual cyberstalking – in which case, bring it on…

The WordPress stats package gives lots of useful information, including a list of search terms used by people who have arrived at the site – momentary cyberstalkers, lured by linguistic breadcrumbs I have accidentally scattered into the interweb. Here’s some of the things people came here to find (poor, deluded fools)…

old photos of maghull – sorry, no real local history here.

chinese take away maghull – nor catering advice.

a kid walking home – er… maybe?

dru t liverpool – never met her, honest.

walking home the long way round book – no that was another bloke (it’s quite good and I hope they found it.)

what is lydiate like as place to live – my passing comments based on a walk along the canal may have been some help.

spaghetti junctions, infinity sign – obviously an airborne semiotician, decoding the symbolism of the transport networks – welcome, friend.

pictures of giros with anorexia – a specialised interest for which I cannot cater (there is a post combining mention of the National Giro centre and, later, a comparison of myself with an anorexic gymnast – but I fear this visitor may have left disappointed.)

pier to pier networking (three times) – heh, yes that was funny wasn’t it. A quip well worth seeking out.

child walking with father golf club pict – I like the Picts as much as any prehistoric tribe, but they can intrude on a family moment – best go armed with a golf club to fend them off – that’s my advice, for what it’s worth.

sentence using “detritus” – possibly a satisfied customer as most of my sentences include this word.

Keep stalking folks, you’re all getting invited to the party on the pier at the end…

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