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Random Harvest

Looking again at the random pictures I took on the way to Warwick

I think they do reveal some things about the walk, which the deliberately-taken ones do not:

  • Things I wouldn’t choose to make a picture of, like the forbidden snap of wood panelling inside a National Trust house, the black inside of a tunnel, or someone’s house.
  • Boringly repetitive shots – yet another hedge – walking is nothing if not repetitive, and is sometimes boring.

So maybe there’s a place for randomness cutting through the tendency to set up immaculate images. But for the most part these don’t look random, just dull – probably because I took them all from solar plexus height, to avoid the temptation to look through the viewfinder. I suppose I could work out some sort of system to intersperse up/down/around pictures… but I don’t want to have to break the flow of walking to complete a complex exercise, or do some kind of crazydance at regular intervals. I expect I’ll carry on taking pictures that appeal to me, using myself as the random element.

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