Archive for February 20th, 2010

All my routes have unravelled and fearful (fearsome?) things must be faced.
The angiogram I had yesterday revealed that I will need a cardiac bypass operation. This should happen in the next three months.
This walking through middle age is getting hard. The days and miles of the walks I’ve done over the past two years seem poignant now, rambles in Eden. An operation and some weeks of convalescence will slow me down… but will it stop me walking the remaining 60 or so miles to Brighton?
No. Fucking. Way.
Actually, hearing people talk about bypasses, I expect to bound out of bed, walk the whole thing in a day and manually reassemble the West Pier on arrival. Failing that, even if I have to walk it in shorter legs I will get there.
In the meantime this blog may be sporadic for a while. I’ve launched another one to set down my health-related journey in case it is helpful to anyone.

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