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Bit of an update…

Next week I hope to do another leg of the walk, and thereafter to try and regain the once-a-month schedule I used to manage.
I’m still pondering whether to traverse London, or to to skirt around the western fringes. “Think of the power you’ll gain by merely brushing the metropolis with your left sleeve!” suggested Nick Papadimitriou and John Rogers from the excellent Resonance FM show Ventures and Adventures in Topography when I asked their advice. I’ll bear that in mind.

Meanwhile I’ve been finishing a shortish book about my adventures in heart surgery. It’s called Bypass Pilgrim and will be available soon through the usual channels. I’ve put together a blog/site about it including samples of the kind of stuff on the pages inside the covers.

P1020170 copy
A bypass – see what I did there?

Meanwhile in Argleton – here I am at the epicentre, as photographed by Mike Nolan – expect more media coverage of the cartographic phenomenon on the 18th of September


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