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…sang Patti Smith, once upon a time. Only partially true in our case, though we talked about walks and other journeys during the arts weekend we facilitated at Othona (The Map is not the Territory). It was great to be able to lay out all the maps from my journey so far…

Our house is small, fitting round us like a brick exoskeleton, so unfurling them in a spirit of profligate abandon was a treat, as was the opportunity to pace up and down on them barefoot, remarking on items I had found along the way.

Jennie’s ‘songline’ was a spectacle I wish I had recorded, but it didn’t exist long enough for a shutter to click.

The weekend went well, and I’m looking forward to its second outing at Woodbrooke in August. As well as a really interesting, engaged group, fantastic weather in Dorset helped…

Afterwards, we had a day in Lyme Regis, spent some time in Brighton and then in Halesowen – places on the once and future route.

Entering the Lyme blue period

Leaving the George in Bridport

A Station of the Cross in Dave’s Comic Shop (the best of its kind bar none), part of a ‘Beyond Church’ project – would like to have seen more of this.

Chez Dimitrina ready to dom the world

Punky tree, Dufy blue bus station

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