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New readers start here

Greetings, anyone stopping by for the first time. The local paper has run a story mentioning my whimsical exploration of ‘Argleton, the non-existent town created by Google as an alternative to ‘Aughton’, so it’s possible that some new readers are checking me out. If you’re looking for what I wrote about visiting Argleton , here it is – enjoy!

I started this journey at the very beginning of 2008. The idea is to walk in sequential stages, to arrive at my birthplace, Brighton, some time around my 50th birthday in a couple of years’ time.

I have walked about once a month, blogging about each part of the journey, with sidetrips and digressions loosely related to the main theme, including a trip to Florida (a place much less real than non-existent Argleton), book reviews and a rediscovered story that I wrote at school.

The walk itself started in Southport. I made my way through Maghull and down into Liverpool, used the ferry (my one cheat so far) and walked round the Wirral and down to Chester. An account of a night in a Premier Inn and its associated pub gets a lot of hits: hopefully my speculation concerning the haunting of reclaimed brickwork is useful to people planning a stay there.

After an abortive journey into Shropshire (a county I now see as somewhat uncanny) I wandered through Staffordshire and into the Black Country. Revisiting places I have lived is part of the plan, hence stops in Wolves, Dudley and Stourbridge.

I have now reached a point south of Warwick. I hope to reach Edge Hill battleground soon, the third Edge Hill I will have visited, following trips to the University and the Liverpool district.

Why am I doing this? I suppose it’s a way of discovering my own country and my own history; travelling slowly through landacpes usually passed at speed on cars and trains; being part of an international community of walking blogging people; putting one foot in front of the other again and again.

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