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Inspired by Wiffle Lever to Full! (in book and blog form), I have dug out something I wrote in Junior School, for your entertainment. Apparently I was in ‘Class Three’, presumably the third year, so I would have been 9 or 10, in 1971-2. The school was St Nicholas in Portslade, and I will walk past it in due course. Mr Stone, an excellent teacher, had us doing all kinds of interesting things, such as making a computer from cards with holes in, accessed using knitting needles (see #5 in this for more info). One project involved making little hardback books, with a spine and a set of pages stitched in. Mine had a cool psychedelic cover…

We were then allowed to write a story in the book we had made and mine is transcribed below. Please note, despite my occasional flights of fancy, this is (as Jennie will attest) an absolutely verbatim version of the original text.

Genesis II

Chapter I

Operation ‘Eliminate’

Alvin stood in the thought arena, being part of an imaginary adventure. He was the most experienced space pilot in Durania. He had an extra eye as his father was a Duranian. His thought line broke as he was blasted to atoms by a Duranian villain. “Phew” he said as he made sure he was all there.

Meanwhile, Aros 5 was playing chess with a computer. He was a half transistorised Sirinian. He did not know that within a decimal week he would be making the most important decisions of his flesh life. The third was David Thompson, of unmutated Earth stock. He had been visu-phoned to get Alvin and Aros 5 to report to base camp control. The controler sat at his desk. “You three have been chosen for a special assignment, of great danger, and importance. As you see, Durania is in great tumult and confusion. A Ccetan spy has stolen documents involving our relationship with Cetan. Once they have them they have grounds to make war.”
“We’ll do it.” said Alvin.
“Yes.” monotoned Aros 5.
“Sure” said Thompson.
“I havent told you what to do yet.” Your job is to eliminate him. Operation ‘Eliminate'”

Chapter 2

Take off.

At 5.00 hours next morning they jumped from their sleeping pods. At 5.10 they slithered to a halt on the alumium floor of the take off area. “Uh-oh! said Dave, as Colenal Nash approched. “Prepare for a barrage of jokes garrenteed to turn a pilot with butterflies into a nervous wreck.”
“Hi you lot” said Colenal Nash. He went on for five minutes until Alvin cried out loud “Be quiet for heavens sake”! Nashes eyes glared. he turned, and walked off.

In the cockpit, Alvin prepared for take off. He wrenched back the starting lever, and an eerie blue glow fell over the station as the power-beam came to life. The dials whent round 2 degrees. The crew where forced back into their contour-couches. The foam of their couches rose up as they left the apmosphere.

“Have you tested the atmosferical pressure, Aros?” said Alvin.
“No – testing.” Aros pulled back the lever marked Test-Atmosphere.
T. “Wow!” said Aros!
“According to this its over-pressure by 104”!
“Radio the ground-hogs and ask for advice!”
“Okay, wait – yes, got ’em.’ Hello – ground control, we’ve got 104 over-pressure” Whats that? Okay.”
“What do they suggest?”
“They say someone forgot the welding on pipe 1a and 1b.”

In the engine room all was well, but the air room was shrouded in nitrogen.
“Look!!” said Dave.
True enough, one pipe was digging into the other.
“Get the laser!” cried Dave.
“Here!” said Alvin. Dave shielded his eyes and fired. Sparks and globials of molten metal flew in all directions. His two friends helped him to the medical room.

Carefully they removed the pieces of metal from his scarred face. They covered his face with cool, antiseptic dressing.
“I,-is the pipe okay?” said Dave.
“Yeah, sure, try to get some sleep.”
“I guess so.” said Dave.

Chapter 3

Dimensionel Slip

“You lot.” cried Alvin!

“I’ve got a pod of some kind on the scanner.”

“3.78 zm by 4.38 by 10.00 by 500zm on the 4 dimensional map.” said Aros.

“Lasers wouldn’t hit her.”

“Best not blast it to oblivion till we know who’s in it.”

“If you where an escaping spy, would you chat over the radio?” said Dave.

“Put it on full magnification”  said Aros 5#

“What was the number of the stolen pod?”

“58-BD11#” answered Aros promtly.

“Okay, we’ve got her.” said Alvin. The mighty craft bore down on its prey.

“Firing all armaments!”

Thre photon torpedoes fired in quick sucsession. The pod swayed and drifted as the stabilisation failed.

“I’t’s no good, well use the laser.” said Alvin.

“Laser locked on, fire!!”


The pod lurched and drifted into category 10-8B space, unknown.


We’ve got him on the run!” said Dave

The power beam turned from blue to a blinding white.


The instruments suddenly span round and stopped 30 below normal. The stars on the screen shifted, and showed them to be near a huge, white sun. Also, the pod they were pursuing turned into a dying comet. “W-what happened?”

“I think we have passed into another dimension.” said Aros. “And I think the sides are melting from that sun.”

“Then lets get out of here before my wrist thermometeter blows up.” said Dave.

“I’m not sure this type of space would respond to our power beam.” said Aros. “What do you mean ‘this type of space’?”


“All space is made of hydrogen and heliam, and this space might be made up differently.”

“Thank you.” said Aros.

But with the help of computer 003# they escaped from the uncannuily hot sun.

. . . . . . .

“Why is that sun so hot?” asked dave.

“Whithin 1 hour it shall turn nova.” said Aros “Were at a safe distance, though.”


55 standard minutes later, the three sat round the polarised porthole watching the unstable star.

It was like a blot now, a large white blot. larg sunspots covering its blinding surface apeared every second.  Then, it happened. Bright orange covered the screen, and a few pieces of ash remained from then once mighty sun.

Chapter 4


For 13 hours now Aros and Alvin had been programing the computers, analyzing their output and making imaginary situations. Dave passed his time by reading magazines and doodling on the flight manual.

Suddenly, Aros excalimed, “If Thompson G.C agrees to help we can return to our dimension in 1 hours.”

“Of course Ill help you, you transistorised lump!”

“Thankyou!” said Aros, blind to insult.

Ten hours later all three

“Remember, when the dial flickers, press these buttons until the lights flash.”

Suddenly, all the computers cut. “W-what did that?”

“An unexplainable force.”

Suddenlyley a voice thundered through their brains. A voice so powerful that it stuck its jarring fingers through the tightly woven fibre of human mind.



The three men stumbled dazedly, and Dave acidentaly pressed a button. For a second, on the viewing screen, they saw a huge black ball, before the viewing aparatus cut out.


“Is everything…..just..dead??” said Alvin.

“Yes. Exept the weapons.” Said Aros.

Dave fired the Photon tr Torpedoes.

Suddenly, the voice came again…………


Dave crumpled to the ground…dead!

Chapter 5.



You mean…..we can have…..babies??!



A Day later, they landed on the planet Genesis II, as they had named it. It was fully equipped with buildings and spacecraft. One day, they would meet with the otheer dimensions.

So there you have it. As I recall, the story would have finished with them returning safely home, but I realised I had a few more pages to fill and carried on. Clearly, despite living near Brighton, my understanding of the word ‘bisexual’ was hazy at best – in fact I probably thought I had made it up. I remember Mr Stone glancing at what I was doing at that point and remarking that I should ‘be careful with those big words’. He also showed his teaching excellence by praising the story, but giving it some adult critique also, along the lines of  ‘I thought the storyline about the escaped spy fizzled out a bit’. But, whatever its shortcomings, ‘Genesis II’ received the highest academic accolade available at St Nicholas in those days: a ‘signature’ from the Headmaster, Mr Humphreys.

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